Ditch the Label and BRP Unite to Ride Out Intimidation

Ditch the Label is delighted to announce a new collaboration with BRP, a global leader in the world of powersports vehicles and boats for over 80 years and working across 120 countries.

More specifically, we are excited to contribute to BRP’s community engagement program entitled “Ride Out Intimidation”.

A Shared Mission

At the very core of Ditch the Label is the belief that everybody should be free; free to participate, free to enjoy and above all, free to be themselves. We believe in a world that is free of bullying and intimidation and collectively want to do all that we can to empower, support and prevent these issues from happening.

BRP chose to Ride Out Intimidation with its global cause and so we have a joint mission to create real and lasting societal impact with direct support, education and further initiatives to positively influence culture and behaviour.

Together we will challenge a culture of intimidation and fuel a positive climate of inclusivity. 

Why Intimidation?

Bullying and intimidation are huge societal issues. As a form of bullying, intimidation can come in many forms. It can be verbal, physical, digital or even an unwelcoming atmosphere. We know that up to 1-in-2 young people have experienced bullying in some form and it can, and does go on to have devastating impacts on their mental health, social lives, attainment and overall wellbeing. Intimidation leads to a decline in participation, exclusion and negative mental health outcomes such as anxiety, depression and feelings of low self-worth.

Intimidation is a behaviour that may mask subtle nuances. When intentional, intimidation at its most serious level can be a form of discrimination and explicit hate. When unintentional, intimidation may mirror deeper feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.  There is no better time than now for this partnership, especially as there has been a 38% increase in online hate since the pandemic began.

Bullying and intimidation are some of the biggest challenges in a young person’s life and without the right intervention, things can turn sour very quickly. Ditch the Label is here when those young people need us the most and BRP’s support will have a significant impact on how we reach, engage and support even more people. 

Our Common Vision

In the words of José Boisjoli, President and CEO of BRP: “We choose to take a stand against intimidation, a prevalent social challenge that unfortunately still touches too many, everywhere and in different ways, we want to do our part to ensure children can grow up in an environment that encourages development and learning, and that workplaces and communities are exempt from intimidation.”

Ditch the Label concentrates on supporting youth and young adults globally – with BRP’s contribution, we are excited that our programs and presence will be extended to new regions.

“We are delighted to be partnering with BRP on their global initiatives to combat intimidation and bullying. As a non-profit, we recognize the power in partnering with brand partners who are as equally as passionate about social impact as we are. With BRP’s support, we will be able to reach even more people and provide meaningful impact in new communities.”

Liam Hackett, Founder & CEO of Ditch the Label

Ditch the Label and BRP are proud to stand together in making huge strides towards inclusivity and to work on ways to prevent intimidation, discrimination and bullying in all its forms.

You can find out more about BRP’s Ride Out Intimidation program here.

If you are being affected by intimidation or bullying, or if there is anything else that is bothering you, reach out to the Ditch the Label Community here.

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