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What is the Stop Asian Hate Movement? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

We believe in a world that is free from prejudice and where everyone has the right to be proud of who they are. Unfortunately, this is a pretty tough ask. We’ve joined forces with the team at ASOS to bring you a hub of resources all about the Stop Asian Movement, a movement that is all about putting an end to the rising tide of racism against east and south east asian people. 

What is the movement? 

Since the coronavirus pandemic shut down the world, there has been a sharp and worrying rise in the number of racist attacks and hate crimes against asian and south east asian (ESEA) people. These have been verbal attacks, physical and even things like the tragic shooting of eight asian-american spa technicians in the Atlanta, Georgia, in the US

Because the pandemic was attributed to a market in the Chinese province in China, something that was made worse in the media by comments from President Trump calling it “the china virus”, ESEA people all over the world have found that their lives have been turned upside down. In the wake of the tragic deaths in the US and several studies revealing the real increase of racism against this minority, the Stop Asian Hate movement started a conversation about what is going on. You can find out all about it on this hub, and get resources and support to help you if you are dealing with the impacts of racism.  

Visit our #StopAsianHate hub by clicking the link below

Why is it important? 

Working towards a world where no racism exists is always important, and will always be something we all need to strive towards. The thing is, a lot of conversations around racism fail to distinguish between the multiple groups of people who are affected, and the issues faced by ESEA people will be completely different to other people of colour. 

With the growth of attacks and hate crimes still on the rise, we want to give all you guys the tools to be able understand why this is necessary, and how to talk to people in your life about race. 

You can check out a couple of videos on the Stop Asian Hate movement below:

Trigger warning – these videos contain distressing scenes of racial violence and verbal assault.

Want to learn more?

This article is part of our #StopAsianHate series in partnership with ASOS. Visit our hub for more info, tools, tips and ways to take a stand against Asian hate.


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